Us Fighting

Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire United Kingdom

Genres:Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock
Bio: Formed in 2009, Us Fighting, have been honing their sound continuously culminating in the recording of their debut album, The Hundred Star. Engineered and Produced by Dave Chang in July 2011, Dave managed to capture the sonic detail, soaring melodies and sheer volume of this guitar noise three-piece.

Featuring James Cherry on Guitar/Vocals, Anil Mistry on Drums and Greg Lines on Bass, Us Fighting are putting the long lost “alt” back into alt rock, capturing the ears and minds of fans in the UK and beyond. Take late 80’s early 90’s Sonic Youth/Dinosaur Jr. and blend it with the sound of Muse’s Absolution album and you will be somewhere close. Us Fighting simply do not sound like anyone else out there today and are burning a bright path through an all too often safe rock landscape.

The Hundred Star is a rich, loud, melodic yet discordant, relentless and escapist collection of songs. From the opening riff of Nyx to the dying embers of the last song, Sublimate, these are songs that will take you on a journey: an escape from daily life, an escape perhaps a bit further away from reality than others, to a completely different world to the one we live in.

Playing live, the power and urgency of the Us Fighting sound will literally blow you away. A three-piece really shouldn’t be able to sound this big.
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