Oslo, Oslo Norway

Photo: Ola Erik Blæsterdalen
Bio: kontaktor is a norwegian production-team from Oslo and consists of Daniel Wold (born 1986) and Marius Njølstad (born 1989).
Daniel Wold and Marius Njølstad has worked together in different settings over the last years, Wold as a sound engineer and Njølstad as a keyboardist. Kontaktor started out as listening-sessions during the winter of 2010. This inspired them to start a collaboration together. Over the next few months they founded the label Tape Delay Records in order to release their first single "Bocce Ball", as well as remixes of this track.
In 2010 kontaktor released the single Bocce Ball. The song has been remixed by artists such as LehtMoJoe, PistolPuma, Yade and Fred Acler.
In 2010 kontaktor competed in the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest (session II) with the song Bocce Ball. Kontaktor won the Grand Prize in the category electronic music.[1] They will be competing with the winner of session I in the same category to win the annual Lennon Award. The winner will be announced in the spring of 2011.
kontaktors first EP, "SoundCheck EP", was released march 28th 2011.
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