Petrolia, ON Canada

Bio: London, Ontario, Canada - Pixlface started back when Paul Vroom was attending school for audio engineering in 2009. While playing guitar hero with a friend one day, they started up their own band in the game called Pixlface. Shortly after, on a Saturday afternoon Paul decided to record an acoustic folk song. From that point things progressed in a manner in which he didn’t have any control over. This creation turned out to be the single “Forecast”. After completing this song, Paul became hooked on this particular new sound he created. He felt that he needed to explore this even further. Eventually Paul would accumulate enough material to start posting them on the internet and sending them out to people and record labels.
The single, “Forecast” is off of Pixlface's EP, “The Human Language”. The entire concept was to have British news reported over instrumental music. Its premise is predicting weather and seasons and the difficulty in doing so. It is relatable not only to weather forecasting, but to life in general. Your interpretation is its meaning. What an electronic wonder this piece is. This tune is a bit brighter and happier than other tracks on this EP. The voices, the clatter and the music, gives the news some sort of balance and acceptance. What an extraordinary composition. It does not represent other tracks just in the mere fact that the composer is so creative and eclectic in his writing and arrangements that nothing can be repeated. Pixlface is inventive, creative, experimental and a pure musical genius.
This EP was released in its digital format October, 2010.
Pixlface was recently signed with a small electronic label based in Scotland called Alex Tronic Records. They have been doing the digital distribution for him. Pixlface owns all rights to his music.
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