Colin and Shannon Robinson

Windermere, FL United States

Genres:Production - Rock, Specialty - Military/Marches, Specialty - Cinematic, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Production - Rock, Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: Colin Robinson is a professional drummer/songwriter who currently plays drums for Blue Man Group in Orlando Florida, and also has a song he wrote on NBC's "Friday Night Lights".

Shannon Robinson has sung professionally both in the studio and on stage for over 15 years. Aside from getting a song featured in a popular TV show (Degrassi Junior High), she has recorded backups for many artists, recorded her own CD (and currently working on a second) and in 2003, she had a production deal with Riprock ‘N Alex Greggs (who have worked on projects such as Justin Timberlake, Shakira, Pink, Britney, T-Pain, Julio Iglesias, and most recently Jessica Simpson, too name a few.)
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