Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil

Bruno Migliari/8VB
Genres:Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Jazz - Fusion, Jazz - Bebop/Traditional
Bio: 8VB (reads "an octave below") is the project led by bassist, composer and arranger Bruno Migliari, initially in collaboration with guitarrist and composer Chester Harlan. In music terminology, "8VB" defines when a passage of written music is to be played an octave below. To some instruments - notoriously the bass and the guitar - this transposition occours all the time, since written passages to be played on those instruments allways sound an octave below. Regardless of the theoretical explanation above, the music Bruno Migliari & Chester Harlan recorded on 8VB's debut album ("Amicizia", released by Delira Música on september 2007) values that witch is low, rhythmic and lyrical, sometimes subverting the hierarchy of the sound spectrum by puting the bass on top to present a theme, sometimes striping down the music to it's bare minimun to expose it's lyrical core. Dosing lyricism and swing, the duo worked within a jazz context, blending strong rhythmic elements from vernacular brazilian music together with funk and contemporary pop. What could better translate a bassist's and a guitarrist's perspective on their search for artistic expression?
Due to geographic limitations, from 2008 onward Bruno has been leading the project on his own - although new collaborations between Bruno and Chester are bound to happen whenever the opportunity arrises. A new album is on the making - meanwhile, check out the material from 8VB's debut album "Amicizia" available here!
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