The Lonestar Chain

Fort Worth, TX United States

Genres:Country - Classic, Country - Bluegrass, Country - Alternative, Rock - Roots Rock
Bio: The screen door is torn, the guitars are tuned by ear, the old amps are warmed, and Burette Douglas has called all his buddies over to his front porch, sundown to sunup with The Lonestar Chain. A Texas native, Douglas drags every chord from Chico (his hometown) to Chicago, Benavidas to Burlington, and the musical travels bring us a sweaty breadth of style, rooted firmly in a country mix of psychedelia, blues, and bluegrass. Douglas’ lyrics range from the most subjective accompaniment of a late night solitary cup of coffee to the most collective, neon-lit sing-along. It’s country music for folks who most often prefer Chuck Taylor’s to Nocona. So, lace up, mount up, load up a 12-pack of Shiner Bock, and prepare to sing along. It don’t matter if you’re slightly out of tune. When you find the blue Ford Falcon, you’re there. Just pull in the gravel drive and plan to stay all night. Don’t you wanna come down?
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