Bugs Multiply

Asheville, NC United States

Bugs Multiply
Genres:Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: Bugs Multiply is a Matt Cox's Asheville, NC based rock project. The performing lineup has varied several times and the material draws from one full length release (Self Titled - Bugs Multiply) and everything from a new 6 song EP completed late 2008.

Matt Cox is an Asheville transplant from Ithaca, NY who left a short lived stay in Los Angeles to come to Asheville in 1998. The first version of Bugs Multiply rehearsed in his one room log cabin working out a collection of existing songs. Eight years later including several name changes and an evolution of lineup changes the first full length Bugs Multiply CD was released and the band was playing regular local shows.

2007 brought another complete lineup change, but also a years worth of regular local shows and 2 short tours including 7 days in the northeast and a beach city tour. At the end of that run two of the members moved on to form their own project and Matt took time off to write songs for a new EP. Enter George Waterman on drums and Toby Brown as new guitar player and a good vocal match for song harmonies. Waterman is an “any genre” drummer with a history of session work who found the songs exactly the type of project he was looking for after moving to Asheville. Toby Brown comes from the Orlando, FL punk and hardcore scene as well as 8 years of Warped Tour residency as a player and a tour manager. With playing and writing styles that matched Matt’s punk rock background, the songs for the new EP took a slightly faster turn and brought more power to the pop while keeping the big harmony choruses like the first album. The 6 song EP titled “Strung Out on the Placebo” was recorded in Nashville over summer 2008. The songs always have a hint of dissonance that come from some unique chord phrasings that Matt developed as a piano player turned guitar based writer. Matt has an experienced soft spot for glaring hooks with harmonies, and no shortage of pretty measures with hidden pop melodies and softer vocals. On the other side, the songs go for punk influenced super catchy 3 minute soundtracks for your short attention span life.

In 2008 Matt launched a record label (Coma Gun Records) that has a mission to create a promotions sharing community with a few other bands that will also be on the label. The new EP had only been released for licensing projects in 2010, but the EP ie available for digital download as of 2012.
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