Richard Ames

Tucson, AZ United States

Richard Ames
Genres:Kids/Quirky, New Age, Disco, Easy Listening, Funk, Lounge/Exotica, Classical - Romantic Orchestral, Classical - Romantic Chamber, Classical - Impressionism - Chamber, Classical - Classical Chamber, Classical - Baroque Chamber, Production - Electronica, Electronic - Pop, Electronic - Electro, HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Gangsta/Hardcore, Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Production - Pop, HipHop - Pop/Modern, Pop - Electronic, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Underscores, Specialty - Trailer Music, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - Promo Music, Production - Pop, Specialty - Military/Marches, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Specialty - Horror/Suspense, Production - Electronica, Specialty - Comedy, Specialty - Classic - Horror/Suspense, Specialty - Classic - Cinematic, Specialty - Cinematic, Specialty - Christmas/Holiday, Specialty - Americana/Western, Specialty - Advertising, Specialty - Action/Adventure, World - Tribal, World - Middle Eastern, World - Indian, World - Ethnic Electronica, World - African
Bio: Richard Ames is a composer, arranger, and producer who has premiered compositions and arrangements with performing ensembles across the United States. His music also has appeared as underscore for feature films and commercials, TV shows, trailers, and animations on every major broadcast and cable network. His music is a careful balance of modern techniques and classically inspired structures, creating music that is both accessible and sophisticated.
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