Machineries of Heaven

Courtice, ON Canada

Genres:Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - Trance, Electronic - Techno, Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Electronic - Pop, Electronic - Electro, Electronic - Breakbeat, Electronic - Big Beat, Electronic - Ambient, HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Gangsta/Hardcore, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, HipHop - Pop/Modern, Pop - Electronic, RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary
Bio: Bitstream Dream was originally founded by composer / producer Rom Di Prisco, who continues to create most of the band''s sound with the help of a collective of vocalists and musicians from around the world.

Rom has released music on over 25 labels worldwide, including Instinct, Om, EMI, Nettwerk, Hook, Bedrock, Planet Dog, Hypnotic, and Sunkissed.

He has also remixed such artists as DJ Christopher Lawrence, Ivy, Skinny Puppy, Richard Humpty Vission, Cirrus, Unit:187, Red Flag, Fear Factory, and many more.

The music of Bitstream Dream has been featured in soundtracks for films, television, and videogames, for companies like Nickelodeon, the Sci-Fi Channel, HBO, MTV, Discovery Channel, Artisan Entertainment, MGM, Atari, Electronic Arts, and Rockstar Games.
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